Bronze Die Pasta

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Creel and Gambrel offers a full range of pasta products produced by Garofalo which was founded in Gragnano, near Naples in the south of Italy. Due to its history relating to pasta since the 16th century, Gragnano has long been considered the birthplace of pasta, where at one time more than 70% of its population was employed in pasta manufacture starting a tradition that has been passed down from grandparents to grandchildren.

This world-renowned pasta is produced from only the finest durum wheat semolina and due to an extensive purification process, contains none of the typical bran specks common to inferior quality pasta. After mixing the milled durum wheat with water and kneading into a smooth dough, it is then formed using traditional bronze dies before being slowly dried. This bronze die process gives the pasta its slightly coarse texture that holds the sauce better and results in a fuller flavour with every mouthful, that unfortunately low grade pasta extruded at high speed through Teflon or plastic dies is simply unable to reproduce.

Creel and Gambrel stocks most common cuts, with specialty cuts, and whole wheat, gluten free, and organic versions available upon request.


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