Dried Porcini Mushrooms


Delectable Porcini mushrooms are among the most sought after of all wild-harvested mushrooms in the world. The name Porcini means “piglets” in Italian, which affectionately refers to their plump form as they are found on the forest floor. Sliced into large uniform slices prior to drying, our Porcini emit a deep, rich, inviting aroma. This species of mushroom reportedly has a high protein content, which make them a great meat substitute in vegetarian dishes.

After rehydration, our Porcini add deep earthy-smoky, and pungent nutty flavors to any dish incorporating them. Risotto, soups, and sauces, take on a completely new dimension with the addition of these famous gourmet fungi. Dried Porcini can also be ground into a fine powder using a food mill, and sprinkled on steaks before searing or blended with spices and salt to make a dry rub for meats or full-flavored fish.


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