Iberico Lardo

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Iberico Lardo is a unique cured pork delicacy made from the thick layer of fatback directly below the skin of the Iberian pig. The fat is carefully removed before being cured for up to six months with a mixtureof fresh rosemary, herbs and other spices. The curing process transforms the fatback into succulent, rich, creamy blocks of Lardo which can be thought of as being a bit like just the fatty part of a beautiful slice of Prosciutto – and yet ever so much more!

When sliced wafer thin, Iberico Lardo is beautiful on a toasted bruschetta where it melts ever so slightly, softening, and approaching translucency. Another favourite is to serve with roasted almonds as an antipasto dish after lightly drizzling both the almonds and the Lardo with liquid honey.

Pairs well with either Prosecco or Champagne.


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