Mussels in Pickled Sauce (Mejillones)

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Mussels in Pickled Sauce are one of the most exquisite finds of the pristine waters of the Rias of Galicia. After harvest, the plump mussels are purified, boiled, and shucked. Following this, they are lightly fried in olive oil, cooled down, and manually one by one they are cleaned of the mussels’ beard. Lastly they are placed into cans by hand in a rich vinegar and paprika marinade before being sealed to ensure freshness.

The mussels are fully cooked and ready to eat as an appetizer or delicious entrée. These mussels make a simple, flavorful tapa straight from the tin and are best when served with hunks of warm baguette to soak up the spicy, delicious oil.

Pairs well with a dry Spanish Cava.


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