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Changing Times Call for Exceptional Menus: How to Turn Heads (and Fill Bookings)

Eating out means more to diners than ever thanks to recovery from lockdown, squeezed household budgets and a heightened value placed on time with family and friends.

This means a greater appreciation of the meals served to Canadian customers but also, perhaps, a demand for higher standards and even an amplified word of mouth effect. 
The good news? Our renowned charcuterie, cheese, speciality grocery and beverage specialists can support chefs and owners who want to create a memorable experience for diners. 
Read on to discover the three essential tips – using one product we supply as an example – we’ve been giving clients who’ve turned to Creel & Gambrel for advice… 

Changing Your Menu Tip 1: Tell Them More 

The trend for menus with details explaining where meat, cheese or other items have been sourced exists for a reason: it shows that care has been taken to choose quality ingredients prepared with pride. A menu review to find produce with more information diners can delve into gives depth to the options on offer. 
For example, our Black Angus Beef Bresaola is produced from Black Angus whole muscle premium cuts then dry aged for at least three months. 
The story behind the choices on offer gives a menu, and front of house colleagues dealing with customers, more information to use to whet the appetite of visiting guests.

 Changing Your Menu Tip 2: Surprise to Delight 

Creel and Gambrel’s Black Angus Beef Bresaola is only one of a range of hand-picked, quality items of charcuterie and speciality grocery but is a great example of how to go ‘above and beyond’ in a menu. 
After all, Beef Bresaola is one of the healthiest cured meats because it contains little or no fat plus minimal cholesterol and is high in protein too. Educating diners about this additional benefit behind their choice from a menu, bearing in mind that the product is most importantly delicious, shows yet more care taken to provide interesting, mouth-watering options for diners.

 Changing Your Menu Tip 3: Every Detail Counts…Beyond the Plate

We’ve helped clients to make sure the presentation of their Creel & Gambrel-supplied products will add to the diner’s experience.

For example, we recommend that our Black Angus Beef Bresaola is sliced extremely thinly and served drizzled with extra virgin olive oil with a grinding of fresh black peppercorns. Slices of lemon alongside, or incorporated into a salad of rocket (arugula), can complete the dish. 
But this attention to detail can go beyond the plate too.  
Small batch coffee or specialist tea from around the world, properly prepared, can make sure every part of the diner experience does justice to an interesting menu diners will want to shout about.

This also applies to accompanying cheeses and even accompanying items like artisan wine vinegar

Need Help? Just Ask! 

We’re more than just a supplier. That’s why chefs and restaurant owners have trusted us for the charcuterie, cheese, speciality grocery and beverage items they need to create impressive, engaging menus to exacting standards since 2015. 

We can help with making the right choice from our:

• Mouth-watering meats, cheese and seafood

• Restaurant-quality mushrooms, tomatoe wedges and craft vinegars

• Barista coffee and tea to aficionado standards

Let’s create an impactful menu for changing, demanding times…together.

We supply high-quality produce and products quickly and with expert, professional-to-professional service as standard. Contact us here.