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Restaurant and Winery Owners Responding to Coronavirus: Here’s How We Can Help

We know Canadian restaurant and winery owners have no time to waste when it comes to making the most of Coronavirus-era restrictions. That’s why we’re making our help and services not just available to every business owner but quicker, more direct and even more flexible than ever. 
In short: we’re dedicated to supporting your steps to meet the challenges faced by hospitality operators. 
Whether you’re serving diners on a patio or reopening your winery for guests…you can count on Creel & Gambrel. 
Here are some of the efforts we’re making to make sure we’re the best we can be when you need us most. ]

Business Post-Coronavirus Outbreak – How We’ll Be Here for You

We’ve refocussed our own business, an established supplier of high-quality produce, café and grocery products for discerning kitchens, on being ‘on your team’ at this vital time in three simple ways:

-Service: We’re open for business and want to help. For questions about a product, advice or any other way we can help simply contact us directly for a personal, expert response. No customer service center or delays or standard replies. Just professional-to-professional support. Just ask. 
-Supply: We’ve secured our supply chains and made sure our delivery networks are more rapid than ever. Whatever you need from our range, your kitchen can count on receiving it and fast. 
-Flexibility: Are there practical challenges placed on your business we, as a supplier, can help with? Just tell us how. We’re here to shape our work to your needs, not the other way around. 

Your Restaurant and Coronavirus – Let’s Keep Talking

During the height of the outbreak, we spoke to many hospitality industry clients and friends to help understand what business owners need and offer our support. 
That promise continues in this period of restrictions and operating in the ‘new normal. 
Let’s continue the conversation. Pick up the phone, Creel & Gambrel will be a partner in helping your business grow back stronger than ever. 

We’re trusted by restaurant and winery owners like you to supply high-quality produce and products quickly and with expert, professional-to-professional service as standard. Contact us here.