Alta Cucina “Naturale” Style Plum Tomatoes

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The closest thing to Old Italy grown in North America! Favored by restaurateurs serving the classical dishes of Italy’s urban “ristoranti,” Alta Cucina “Naturale” Style Plum Tomatoes are Creel & Gambrel’s answer to true San Marzanos with PDO, which are no longer available except at exorbitant prices. While there are certainly “knockoffs,” none capture the true essence and taste of the San Marzano. Alta Cucina recreates this essence, this taste, in almost identical fashion.

Each can of Alta Cucina is full to the brim with sweet, tender, ultra-premium, vine-ripened, plum tomatoes and fresh basil leaves in “Naturale” style juice—packed from select tomato varieties and carefully chosen by the grower for their fresh fragrance, exquisite flavor, and delicate “melt-in-your-mouth” texture.

Perfect for any Italian recipe!


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