Black Angus Beef Bresaola

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A specialty originating from Italy’s Lombardy region, our Black Angus Bresaola is beef’s answer to Prosciutto, and is ideal for those who abstain from pork. Beef Bresaola is one of the healthiest cured meats because it contains little or no fat, minimal cholesterol, and is high in protein. Produced exclusively from Black Angus whole muscle premium cuts and dry aged for a minimum of three months, our Black Angus Bresaola is firm on the outside but lean, tender, and silky smooth inside.

Sliced thinly it is almost translucent, and the lack of striation is indicative of its quality. Can be served drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a grinding of fresh black peppercorns with slices of lemon alongside, or incorporated into a salad of rocket (arugula).


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