Black Angus Beef Carpaccio

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Known to most Italians simply as Carpaccio, and named after a Renaissance painter; Beef Carpaccio is another premium non-pork product offered by Creel & Gambrel. Made from extremely lean Black Angus beef that is magically enlivened with a blend of salt, subtle Italian spices, and juniper berries; our Beef Carpaccio is then aged for two months until the meat is sweet and literally melts in your mouth.

Low in sodium and calories while at the same time being rich in protein and vitamins, you are bound to fall in love with Black Angus Beef Carpaccio after the first taste! Slice thinly and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil before wrapping around a grissini, or for a Québécois twist serve with bagel chips.

Excellent with a good Merlot.


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