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Mentions of Culatello, universally referred to as the “King” of salami date back to the 15th century. A slowly cured boneless ham made from the choicest muscle of the pig’s rump, Culatello has such a unique sweet-musky flavour, and an almost velvety texture that it is considered the pinnacle of artisanal food culture. Each piece is massaged by hand with a proprietary blend of ingredients before hanging to age as long as necessary, allowing airflow and subtle changes in humidity and temperature to dry it to its most flavourful point.

The colouration of Culatello is a similar hue to the faded burgundy of a cardinal’s robe, and when tasted almost makes the best Prosciutto seem mundane. Slice parchment thin, and serve either on its own or with good bread accompanied by curls of butter.

Pairs well with a fizzy Lambrusco.


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