Calabrese Salami

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Our Calabrese Salami is produced in Ontario from choice cuts of premium pork following a classic Italian recipe inspired by Calabrian tradition.

After grinding, the pork is combined with a carefully proportioned medley of salt, cayenne, and hot chili pepper before being stuffed into casings and pressed into a flat shape during its dry-curing process. This pressing gives our Calabrese Salami its characteristic shape, which not only creates a lovely silhouette on any antipasto plate, but it also results in the product having a wonderfully firm texture.

Best when sliced thinly on the bias, this rustic salami has a warm, spicy flavour and decadent aroma that make it the perfect complement to creamy mild cheeses such as mozzarella or burrata served on crusted bread along with a stem glass of Sangiovese wine.


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