Genoa Salami

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Genoa Salami is perhaps the best-known and most popular type of salami in North America, and takes its title from the ancient Ligurian seaport of the same name.

Creel & Gambrel Genoa Salami is crafted in Ontario from top quality pork cuts that have been coarsely ground prior to being enhanced with salt, natural spices, garlic, and black peppercorns. This rustic home-style salami is then slowly air-cured to perfection in true artisanal fashion to bring out its distinctly rich, meaty texture, and smooth, peppery accents. Produced in “chubs” that are approximately seven inches long, our Genoa Salami is the perfect size for snacking & easy entertaining.

Thinly sliced it is a tantalizing addition to any antipasto platter, but it is equally at home when served with mild cheese, flatbread, fruit, or red wine.


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