Lamb Prosciutto (Prosciutto di Agnello)

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Lamb Prosciutto is a product that commonly appears on Sardinian tables, much appreciated for its sweet flavour and tender texture. A Creel & Gambrel exclusive; our Lamb Prosciutto is crafted from fresh Ontario lamb sourced from Beverly Creek in Millgrove, ON. The legs are carefully deboned by hand before being cured with a mixture of salt and Mediterranean spices. Following the initial curing process, the legs are then matured in a dry and cool environment for several months until the ultimate flavour profile is reached.

Creel & Gambrel Lamb Prosciutto is perfect for appetizers or aperitifs: it can be cut into slices or directly into small pieces. It is tradition to accompany it on the table with Carasau bread or semi-mature cheeses. Excellent when used as a condiment for pasta, cut into chunks and mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Serve with a good, full-bodied and strong red wine.


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