Tipo 00 Pizza Flour

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Also called “doppio zero” flour; this is the gold standard of pizza flours by which most others are judged. In Italy and other parts of Europe, flour is categorized not by protein content as we do in Canada, but by how much of the husk and whole grain has been sifted away and how finely the flour has been ground. Coarsely ground Tipo 2 flour is at one end of the spectrum with powder fine Tipo 00 at the other.

Our Tipo 00 flour is made with passion in Italy from only the purest and most natural blends of 100% soft wheat grown in Europe and North America, which have been specially milled and sifted to obtain an ultra-fine, silky texture. Produced in the province of Emilia Romagna by an established family business that has been milling flour since 1875, this is sure to become the flour of choice for any discerning pizza chef.

(12.5% min. Protein level, 11.5% min. Gluten strength, and 56.7% min. Water absorption.)


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