Chateau de Bourgogne au Bleu

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Chateau de Bourgogne au Bleu is produced by the Delin creamery in Bourgogne France, & while it looks similar on the outside to regular Chateau de Bourgogne we can assure you that on the inside things are deliciously different. The silky smooth, ivory coloured interior reveals a pale blue line, horizontally bisecting the cake shaped cheese in the middle not unlike the ash in a Morbier.

Creamy, buttery, and with a hint of mushroom Chateau de Bourgogne au Bleu also manages to integrate the pungency of a mild blue cheese with every bite. Milder than Cambozola and having the consistency of room temperature butter, Chateau de Bourgogne au Bleu must be experienced to be appreciated.

Pairs well with a Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or Bavarian wheat beer.


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