Nabulsi cheese is one of the most popular Middle Eastern white brined cheeses, and its names denotes its place of origin which is the city of Nablus located in the West Bank, Palestine approximately 50km north of Jerusalem. Nabulsi is a rectangular shaped, semi-soft, unripened, sweet, but salty cheese with a high melting point that is enhanced with exotic spices such as nigella seeds and mahaleb that give the cheese its unique flavour.

Nabulsi can be eaten fresh as a salty table cheese, can be used as a stuffing for phylo dough, short crust pastry, or a simple pita pocket. Fried in oil it makes a great appetizer, while sweetened it can be used in different Middle Eastern desserts such as kinafeh or katief.

Our favourite recipe is Nabulsi skewers made by alternating cubes of Nabulsi, rosemary bread, and vegetables (bell peppers of various colours, zucchini, white mushrooms, etc.) on a skewer and then slowly grilling to perfection.


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