Clothbound Cheddar

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All cheddar, regardless of aging style, starts in the same way. Cheesemakers heat milk before adding starter culture and rennet and allowing curd to form. As the curds drain, they begin to knit together into a solid mass, which is then sliced into smaller loaves and stacked on top of one another. These loaves are broken back to curd form by hand or by machine, then salted and pressed to whatever shape the cheesemaker desires—though traditional clothbound cheddars are usually formed as a wheel.

Our two-year-old Clothbound Cheddar is produced by Glengarry Fine Cheese of Lancaster, ON and has as a drier, crumblier texture than its wax or plastic wrapped cousins; but what it lacks in body, it more than makes up for with its round, earthy, and balanced flavor.

Pairs best with a full-bodied Petite Syrah.


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