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Manchego is arguably the best known Spanish cheese, and it is exclusively made in the arid La Mancha region of Spain from 100% Manchega sheep’s milk. Manchego has a firm, compact consistency, a buttery texture, and often contains small unevenly distributed air pockets. This delicious cheese achieved its PDO status in 1984 and this classification not only regulates production areas and ensures that production methods are consistent, but it also ensures the classic Manchego taste with every piece.

Its distinctive nutty flavour is well developed (but not too strong), and creamy with a slight piquancy that leaves a pleasant sheep’s milk aftertaste. Traditionally served with marcona almonds and membrillo quince paste, Manchego is also excellent for melting and works wonders with all types of egg dishes!

Best when paired with a sherry or full-bodied white wine.


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